Cinelatino celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with a Special Immigration-Themed Lineup

In September Cinelatino has prepared a special showcase of films dedicated to all of the men and women who have left behind their families, their country and their roots for a better life in the United States with four movies that reflect the realities that many Hispanics have experienced in their journey to achieve the “American Dream.”

Among the films dedicated to the topic include:

El Norte (North): considered one of the best immigration stories ever produced, the movie features a brother and sister who flee from their remote Mayan village in Guatemala after their parents are killed by the military. They head “north” to the United States in search of a better and safer life, but a torturous and dangerous journey lies ahead. The film was nominated for an Oscar Award in 1985.

Malas Fronteras (Harvest of Redemption): based on a true story that took place in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley in 1920, Malas Fronteras is a coming-of-age story about a Latin boy who struggles to deal with the resentment and tragedy of his father’s racially-motivated murder. The big-screen debut of popular Mexican singer Elida Reyna.

Desierto Asesino (Murderous Desert): an action story that sheds light on the inhumane conditions that face Mexicans as they attempt to cross the border illegally in search of the “American Dream.” Their solidarity and desire to live are the only things keeping the desert from consuming them. Starring Alfonso Zayas Jr., Hugo Stiglitz, Angel Soto, Magi Avila, Amador Granados, and Alfredo Gutiérrez.

Amexicano: a fun immigration story about the close friendship that develops among an undocumented Mexican laborer and an Italian-American who is full of prejudices against immigrants. The film was presented at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival, where it received critical acclaim. Featuring Texan singer Jennifer Peña, Dominican actor Manny Perez and playwright Carmine Famiglietti.

“In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we sought to program a selection of movies that represented the experiences of thousands of Hispanics living in this country,” said James M. McNamara, President of Cinelatino.

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