Cinelatino premieres movies that Depict the U.S. Latino Experience.

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, leading Spanish-language movie channel Cinelatino will premiere 27 films throughout September and October, which include a diverse collection of recent blockbuster hits and festival favorites, as well as celebrated classics that depict the U.S. Latino and immigrant experience.

Programming highlights during September and October include:

o Al Otro Lado (The Other Side): An award-winning film about immigration, as seen through the moving stories of three separate children-one Mexican, one Cuban and one Moroccan-who each sets out on their own journey in search of their fathers with the hope of bringing them home. One of the most personal works of renowned Mexican director, Gustavo Loza.

o Pepe y Santo vs. America (Pepe and Santo vs. America): A fun comedy about two telenovela actors who, in preparation for a role, travel to the United States pretending to be gullible immigrants in search of “The American Dream.” Featuring Rafael Amaya, Karyme Lozano and Adam Jacobo.

o Mexican American, Chicano Blood, El Padrino and El Padrino Latino 2 (The Latin Godfather 2): a collection of films featuring Mexican-American actor Damian Chapa that feature Hispanic Americans living in the United States. Actors featured in one or more of the films include Jennifer Tilly, Faye Dunaway, Gary Busey, Robert Wagner, Sal Lopez, Luis Arrieta, and John Bryant Davila.

o Sin Memoria (Without Memory): A blockbuster thriller about a police officer who wakes up to a real life nightmare when he finds himself in a strange apartment with no memory of who he is or how he got there. Featuring a star-studded cast, including Pedro Armendariz Jr., Rafael Amaya, Guillermo Ivan, Marta Higareda, and Emilio Echevarria.

o Al Acecho del Leopardo (Stalking the Leopard): A co-production between Mexico and Spain about a group of friends on vacation who inadvertently witness the execution of a group of indigenous farmers. When they get caught, they become the targets. Starring Pedro Damian, Manolo Cardona, and Danny Perea.

“Hispanic Heritage Month, as well as the independence days of a variety of Latin American countries, provides the ideal opportunity to celebrate Hispanic culture with a selection of premium movies that honor their heritage,” said James M. McNamara, President of Cinelatino.

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