Comedy Remains the Top Podcast Genre in the U.S.

Edison Research announced the Top Podcast Genres in the U.S. for Q2 2022, and comedy once again takes the top spot as the genre consumed by most weekly podcast listeners. The list ranks the most popular podcast genres based on audience size from Edison Podcast Metrics.

The Top 10 Genres for Q2 2022:

  1. Comedy
  2. News
  3. Society and Culture
  4. True Crime
  5. Sports
  6. Business (up from #7 in Q1 2022)
  7. Arts (up from #8 in Q1 2022)
  8. TV and Film (down from #6 in Q1 2022)
  9. Education (up from #10 in Q1 2022)
  10. Religion and Spirituality (down from #9 in Q1 2022)

The top five genres saw no change in rank from Q1, while genres ranked 6-10 saw some movement.

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