The demise of National Pubic Radio and me as a Hispanic.

As many of you are aware, there is a movement in Washington DC to de-fund National Public Radio (NPR).

It does not matter if you are against the views or in favor of the views that define and shape the programming on NPR.  I do not care about the political slant of the big machine, I am looking for alternative programming not available anywhere in my little corner of the world.

I for one believe that NPR and non-profit public broadcasters not affiliated with NPR offer me as a Hispanic American unique programming not available on for profit radio stations.  In Miami and online, local public broadcaster WDNA-FM /  88.9 is my choice.

In Miami, a town with so many Hispanic formatted radio stations, I find my music on a local public broadcasting radio station with a Latin Jazz format playing the music of Ray Barretto, Eddie Palmieri, Bebo Valdez, Cachao, Arturo Sandoval, Fania All Stars, El Gran Combo, Hector Lavoe and Willie Colon no name a few.

To listen CLICK HERE.

I do not believe Univision Communications, Spanish Broadcasting System and GLR Networks will set aside one of their radio station to offer this type of unique programming.  Not because they do not have the capability of doing so, but this format might not be as lucrative as the ones their currently have on the air to reach a far larger percentage of the listening audience.

So, where does the de-funding of NPR leave us?  It gives advertisers and listeners alike a bad taste for either assigning dollars and/or listening to non-commercial radio stations because of the negativity surrounding  National Public Radio.

It is a more complex that just de-funding NPR according to my radio colleague Adam Jacobson/, since my favorite radio station WDNA-FM a non-NPR affiliate will suffer losses due to the perception of being affiliated with NPR.

Worried?  I might have to migrate fully to XMRadio.

As Hispanics, what does NPR offer you?

Gene Bryan

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