Deportes Telemundo to air ‘Clásico Tapatío’.

This Saturday, April 21, Deportes Telemundo will air the “Clásico Tapatío” match starting at 7:55pm ET/4:55pm PT/6:55pm CT. Andrés Cantor, Sammy Sadovnik and Jaime Gallardo will present live from the Omnilife stadium in Guadalajara, Jalisco, this match of the “2012 Clausura” tournament where the historic rivalry between Chivas and Atlas teams will be displayed again on the playing field.

Traditionally, statistics do not count in the “Clásico Tapatío,” a match in which both teams give everything to defend their honor on the field.

The “Clásico Tapatío” came to be during a friendly match between both teams that took place a short time after Club Atlas was founded in 1916. Since both teams come from the same city, the rivalry was immediate, not only on the part of the clubs, but also on the part of their followers.

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