Diego Luna and Jarritos partner to share the Journey of Immigrants in the United States

Director, Diego Luna and Jarritos, the popular Mexican soft drink brand, joined forces to produce Jarritos’ most recent spot, “The Journey”. The short film showcases the struggles, and triumphs of immigrants living in the United States, while establishing Jarritos as a brand that celebrates the very diversity that makes its consumers and this country so great.

Luna proactively pushes the boundaries of a traditional spot, seeking to share the stories of the often unseen and uncelebrated story of immigrants. From casting to the music, all the elements are meant to tie back to the inspiring journey of immigrants and encompass the overall message: we are truly better together.

Luna collaborated with Jarritos, along with agency of record, WALO Inc. because of his belief in the importance of sharing the challenges, triumphs, and unity of the immigrant journey during this season when negative rhetoric seems to be running rampant. Jarritos, Luna and WALO Inc. hope this story does not just live on in a newsfeed but makes an impact on people’s hearts, while raising awareness of an important issue that has influenced our country greatly, and will continue to influence future generations to come.

“As a brand with firm roots in Mexico and completely embraced by the United States, we too are immigrants and we know the journey all too well,” said Luis Fernandez, CEO of Novamex, Jarritos Brand Owner. “Our intention was to thank our consumers and celebrate the beauty of that journey, the sacrifices of previous generations, and the inherent diversity of the United States.

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