Dieste, Inc. & Xoom Corporation win ANA Multicultural Excellence Award.

Dieste took the gold award in this year’s ANA Multicultural Excellence Award contest for its work on behalf of Xoom Corporation.“Save the Pigs” won as 2012 best campaign developed to reach Hispanic consumers. The winning campaign is Xoom’s first national branding campaign produced by Dieste. 

“The ANA Multicultural Excellence Award is surely one of the greatest recognitions a company can receive, and we are extremely excited about it. This is also recognition of Dieste’s hard work. We are impressed with their talent and ability to combine creative ideas with a technology product, which is key to growing our business,” says Julian King, Xoom’s Senior Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Development. 

“We are very excited and honored about this recognition. There’s nothing more rewarding for us than creating work for our clients that help them grow their business in a measurable way, and that also wins creative awards. That’s the perfect combination, that’s what we mean when we say ‘Provoke Action’,” says Dieste’s CEO Greg Knipp.

Campaign Insight:

The “Save the Pigs” idea and content campaign created by Dieste’s creative and technology teams, under creative director Florencia Leibaschoff’s lead, shows that “with all the tricky fees that other money transfer companies use to engage their customers, the real victims are your piggy banks.”
Julian King says that immigrants come to this country with the great expectation of making enough money to give their loved ones back home a better life. “And we know they work really hard for their money, so every dollar counts. At Xoom we offer our customers a service that is safe, convenient, fast and fairly priced, and thanks to breakthrough mobile technology, the ability to send money from wherever our customers need. It all starts with respect for the customer and a passion for improving their money transfer experiences,” says Mr. King.

The campaign, launched in April 2012, delivered results well above the client’s expectations, according to Theresa Pasinosky, Director of Marketing at Xoom.
Credits – XOOM 2012
Name: “Save the Pigs”
Product: Xoom.com
Client: Julian King / Theresa Pasinosky / Cruz Vargas
Director BL: Julia Estacolchic
Executive Director BL: Luciana Gomez 
Media: Diego Lastra / Scott Gassert
Planning: Jim Wegs
Broadcast Producer: John Costello / Tony Sandoval
C:  José Benitez / María Martinez / Juan Navas
AD:  Héctor Arellano / José Suaste
CD: Flor Leibaschoff / Carlos Tourné
CCO: Aldo Quevedo
Production Company: AmericaFilmworks
Directors: Quinto-Cruz
Post-Production: Red Car, Dallas
Editor: Andy McGee

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