Digilant Multicultural launches.

Digilant announced the release of Digilant Multicultural, a marketing system designed to pinpoint specific audiences including U.S. Hispanic, African American, Asian, and LGBT. Digilant Multicultural uses semantic language, geographic information, and other proprietary attributes to match an advertiser‚s preferred audience in real-time to video, display, and mobile advertising placements.

“Digilant Multicultural helps brands zero in on a very specific audience, which is arguably the most difficult point of any campaign,” said Rafael Hernandez, vice president of multicultural initiatives at Digilant. “We‚ve created a system that allows brands to better reach a defined audience and better value those members to increase overall advertising efficiency.”

“With the daunting number of media choices available today, marketers need to quickly and effectively reach the right audience in the right channel,” said Digilant CEO Edward Montes. “Digilant Multicultural simplifies their task by making it possible to communicate with one of the most sought-after but hard to reach audiences.”

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