Discovery En Espanol premieres Frozen Planet.

From the producers of the acclaimed series Planet Earth and Life comes FROZEN PLANET, a mega production that offers a spectacular portrait of the polar regions, revealing a surprising world of never-before-seen creatures, diversity and color. Divided into six episodes and narrated by Mexican mountain climber Carlos Carsolio, this epic new series premieres on Discovery en Espanol on Sunday, July 8 at 9 p.m. E/P and will continue to air Monday through Friday in the same time slot.

“FROZEN PLANET is a combination of surprising images and stories of survival that make it a marvelous journey through some of the most spectacular places on the planet. Without a doubt, the narration of a professional like Carlos Carsolio, with his spirit of adventure, passion for heights and personal experiences in the mountains, makes this production an unforgettable voyage for our audience,” commented Eileen Pineiro, Content Director at Discovery en Espanol.

Produced over the course of four years, FROZEN PLANET conveys the power of the world’s climate and oceans through striking images. The series shows how seasonal changes affect the Earth’s landscape and animals as well as human beings, who come close to the edge of survival in adapting to the extreme environment.

From the birth of an iceberg taller than the biggest skyscraper on Earth to a caterpillar with a natural antifreeze in its veins, the largest concentration of marine birds on the planet and adorable polar bear cubs (who are 25% smaller than human babies when they are born), FROZEN PLANET records incredible, seldom seen moments. In sequences never before seen on screen, the action tracks the growth of an icicle and follows hunting orcas as they create a killer wave to sweep seals off the ice floes.

To convey both the majesty and fragility of nature’s power, the makers of FROZEN PLANET used the latest in cinematographic technique and technology to capture images above and below the ice in some of the most extreme and remote regions of the world. The team shared locations with more than 10 million polar animals and spent more than 2,365 days filming in the Arctic and Antarctic, a year and a half at sea, more than six months on the sea ice, and 134 hours under the frozen polar oceans.

FROZEN PLANET is a coproduction of Discovery Channel and the BBC. Alastair Fothergill and Susan Winslow served as executive producers for BBC and Discovery, respectively, and Vanessa Berlowitz produced the series.

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