Discovery Familia increases preschool lime-up.

Discovery Familia fills their children’s programming block with new series that will take viewers to a world full of adventures and new discoveries. Through captivating characters and stories, “Ra Ra el león”, “Icónicos” and “Joe y Jack” will allow the children to identify with real life experiences while feeding their own natural curiosity.

“Ra Ra el león”, that premieres on Discovery Familia on November 12 and will air every day at 10 AM ET/ 7 AM PT, follows the adventures of Ra Ra, a little lion, and his friends Ceby the zebra, Croky the crocodile and Topsi the giraffe. These lovable characters live in the Clínguili Clánguili jungle, and with the help of the audience, they solve mysteries, embark on adventures, and they have a lot of fun while practicing language and communication skills. The engaging series invites the children to repeat sounds, to listen and to move while they learn key lessons through Ra Ra’s four R’s: rhyme, repetition, retelling and rhythm.

Joining kids every day at 1 PM ET/ 10 AM PT beginning on November 19 is “Joe y Jack”, starring a 4 year-old boy named Joe and his best friend who happens to be a cat, Jack. These two friends have the biggest imaginations and their days are filled with all sorts of adventures. They can turn a bunch of sticks into a top secret spy headquarters, a cardboard box into a space rocket, or their garden into a wild jungle. The program stimulates children to use their imagination and it shows them the importance of friendship.

Also new on Discovery Familia, Icónicos, a show that combines animation, live action and visual effects. The program, airing every day at 2:30 PM ET/ 11:30 AM PT, is hosted by Nat, an intelligent, young explorer that has discovered the Icónicos, a group of lovable 3D animated characters. Along with these friends, young viewers visit four different animated worlds: the wild jungle, the farm, the garden and the seashore, learning about nature and the animals that live there. Every episode in this series teaches children to interact with others, use their imagination while at play and express their feelings.

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