Discovery U.S. Hispanic Upfront 2012-2013 Programming [UPDATE]

Discovery U.S. Hispanic unveiled its 2012-2013 Upfront slate. This year’s theme of “Discover How Far Curiosity Can Take You,” the networks’ programming represents what viewers will experience as they turn on their televisions and discover the breathtaking visual feast they will encounter, including unparalleled access to extraordinary characters and places.

“Prepare yourself to be astounded by what our networks have to offer in the upcoming year,” said Ivan Bargueiras, General Manager of Discovery U.S. Hispanic. “Our exceptional and diverse line-up satisfies the curiosity of our viewers like never before. This year’s Upfront is about how Discovery U.S. Hispanic opens horizons, delivering amazingly unique content, carefully curated and produced for our Spanish-speaking viewers”.

“We’re so proud of Discovery U.S. Hispanic and what it has become. Both networks represent the very best of Discovery and we welcome the continued growth and development of a service that addresses the needs of a growing Hispanic population in the United States,” said John Hendricks, Founder and Chairman, Discovery Communications. “That’s been the magic of our company, listening to our audience and then representing their diverse interests in how we program our channels.”

Discovery en Español heads-up the 2012-2013 season with a slate of epic series and originals such as NORTEAMÉRICA (NORTH AMERICA), the ultimate inside look at the natural wonders of our continent; VOLANDO POR EL MUNDO (EARTHFLIGHT), an unprecedented partnership with Google Earth that will deliver views of our landscape through the eyes of birds; and BATALLA DE INGENIOS, Discovery en Español’s first ever reality game show. Also, 2111 returns for a second season with more exceptional forays into Latin America’s cities in the year 2111.

Discovery Familia is also introducing a number of exciting programs and series including: Sexy y Saludable (EAT YOURSELF SEXY), which follows women through their transformation from saggy and stressed-out, to sexy and stunning; and a new Spanish version of 10 Years Younger called 10 años Menos, specially created for the Hispanic viewing audience.

2012-2013 Programming

Discovery en Español

Credited as the “…most ambitious documentary to date on the North American continent,” “North America,” which began filming in 2009, takes an all-encompassing view of the continent. Creating a visual spectacle that highlights the very best of the natural world, it captures the wonders of North America as never before. Utilizing the very latest ultra slow motion, time-lapse, and macro photography, this groundbreaking, high-definition series will be a true revelation of the magnificent continent we inhabit.

With birds as our guide on an epic journey, “Earthflight” explores the greatest wildlife spectacles and astonishing physical wonders of our continents. The series allows us to view the world as it has never been seen from the vantage point of migrating birds. They use the landscape features below to navigate, find places to feed, roost and even aid their flight. They also witness and interact with some of the world’s greatest animal spectacles. Unlike a satellite image, their view is moving and three-dimensional. Earthflight shows us our world from a totally new perspective.

2111: Season 2 (U.S. Hispanic Production / returning)
This mega production, hosted by Mexican journalist Idzi Sánchez is a follow up to the series that gave us insight into what the future might hold for Latin America in the year 2111. Delving into new topics that showcase the world our grandchildren will live in, it combines state of the art 3D and CGI technologies with testimony from futurologists to predict a vision of what life will be like 100 years from now. It will delve deeper into the human condition – getting to the heart of the matter on how advances in medicine, transportation, communication and technology will impact every aspect of our world.

Batalla de Ingenios (U.S. Hispanic Production)
Set in an urban setting, the network’s first-ever original game show is a fast-paced, engineering competition series that will put 12 highly skilled individuals in an 8-stage elimination challenge to compete for the ultimate prize…TIME. The winner will get a full year off to do as they please. It’s a mind-challenging, action-fueled adventure where only one winner will be left standing. To win, these brilliant minds will have to make it through 8 difficult challenges – all inspired by the Discovery programming genres (Science, Nature, Survival, Real Life experiences) – testing their knowledge, creativity, mental skills, technological abilities and their physical endurance.

Hard Kicks (U.S. Hispanic Production)
“Hard Kicks” is an hour-long series that takes viewers deep into the world of soccer. It’s the story of a professional soccer club fighting for championships in towns where winning is the only currency. This series takes the audience behind the scenes of PUMAS, one of the professional leagues leading soccer teams as it conducts pre-season training and tryouts, looks for new rising stars and lays high hopes on the shoulders of its returning ones. The cameras also get up close and personal with fans who devote themselves to the point where at times there seems to be more at stake for them, than the players.

Rinocerontes: Cacería Ilegal (Rhino Wars)
In spite of heroic efforts by South African anti-poaching units, rhino poachers are still running rampant and the carnage is escalating. In 2011, almost 400 rhinos were killed. Sickened by the slaughter, and frustrated by their inability to stop it, a group of private game reserves is now taking direct action. They are banding together to try to take down the ruthless poachers, by enlisting in former U.S. Special Forces operatives.

Pescadores Extremos (Top Hooker)
“Top Hooker” is the in your face, full throttle competition series that splits 10 fishermen into 2 teams and pits them head-to head in a series of insane never-before-seen fishing challenges.

Hasta que la Mafia Nos Separe (I Married a Mobster)
Meet the women who live the fast-paced lifestyle of organized crime. Each woman shares the wild ride from how her relationship blossomed to the realities of living the high life and her family’s eventual downfall as authorities lock up her loved ones. Narrated and executive produced by Lorraine Bracco, who starred in both Goodfellas and The Sopranos, this new docu-series offers unprecedented access into this secretive world, where breaking your vows could literally get you killed.

Vivir para Contarlo (U.S. Hispanic Production)
They are ordinary people, until they must fight to survive. Caught in perilous situations by accidents, disasters and natural catastrophes, they need to search themselves for the strength to overcome extreme conditions, in experiences that will change their lives forever. “Vivir para Contarlo” gives these people the chance to reveal their tales of unexpected courage, surprising ingenuity, and touching solidarity in the face of death.

Amor Asesino (Scorned: Love Kills )
This series will explore sordid stories of betrayal, deception, and sexual intrigue that comprise a particularly salacious subset of murders: crimes of passion. This hour-long series will give viewers a voyeuristic peek into the lust and animalistic obsession that have fueled some of the more brutal acts of violence to grab front-page headlines across the globe.

Fiebre del Oro (Gold Rush (returning))
In the face of the economic meltdown, determined men risk everything to strike it rich mining for gold in the wilds of the far north. Todd and Jack Hoffman, the Schnabel family and the Dakota Boys are all in search of the American dream and a new frontier.

Monstruos de Río (River Monsters: Season 4 and 5 (returning))
Extreme angler Jeremy Wade uncovers the world’s largest, strangest and most dangerous fish in “River Monsters.” Wade’s journey begins in a familiar territory — America’s backyards. In his first investigation of season four, he takes viewers to Florida, Texas, Missouri and Oklahoma in search of all-American man-eaters.

Discovery Familia

Discovery Kids Programming Block (6:00 AM until 9:00 PM)

Peztronauta (Fishtronaut: Season 2 (returning))
Everyone knows that a fish can swim…but have you ever heard of a fish who is also a secret agent? Meet Fishtronaut, a fish on a mission to save the environment. He’s a fish out of water in his flying suit of armor and together with his friends Marina and Zeke, he protects the animals of EcoZoo Park. It’s a fish! It’s a bird! It’s Fishtronaut!

Mi Amigazazo (My Big Big Friend: Season 2 (returning))
A cool series of fun, frolic and big big adventures that begins with a little boy with a big imagination. Yuri is 6, an only child, with an energetic and curious attitude towards life. In the world of his imagination he is brave and adventurous, but in real life he is truly shy and lonely. At least he was until the day he had an idea. A great big, big idea. Golias! Golias is Yuri’s imaginary friend – only don’t tell Golias – he doesn’t know he’s imaginary! Nor do Bongo or Vanessa. With the help of their big big friends, Yuri and his chums, Lili and Matt, discover that if you imagine you can, sometimes you really really can!

Discovery Familia Primetime (9:00 PM ET until 12:00 AM)

10 años Menos (10 Years Younger (U.S. Hispanic Production))
“10 Years Younger” is a custom made original makeover program transforming the lives of women who are either style-challenged or have simply let themselves go due to the constant juggling of work and family demands.

Sexy y Saludable (Eat Yourself Sexy (returning))
International nutrition sensation, Gillian McKeith, knows you can eat yourself sexy in just eight weeks and she’s about to transform the lives of thirteen women to prove it. With her trademark humor, no-nonsense approach, and a healthy dose of tough love, Gillian introduces her protégés to a customized exercise regimen, and an all-new diet of fresh and wholesome natural foods that are great for the waistline and for the family budget, too. And, as breaking a lifetime of bad habits can be tough and since it takes two to fire up the passion in the bedroom, Gillian makes sure their partners are on board from the start.

Enigmas Médicos (Mystery Diagnosis)
Every year, millions of Americans fall prey to real-life medical mysteries, ailments that go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed for years. Their lives and emotions are thrown into turmoil as medical professionals struggle to understand their baffling conditions.

El Localizador (The Locator)
From finding birth parents to organ donors, Troy Dunn’s investigative skills are a marvel. His impressive track record for locating people means that he and his staff are routinely inundated with dozens of new cases to solve on a weekly basis. The Locator takes viewers on real-life journeys of hope, fear and joy as he reunites people who are searching for answers to their most pressing life questions.

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