Do I want to declare my Independence from Spanish-language media?

   Have been following a blog dedicated to Cross Culturalism by Ken Muench who is now at DraftFCB in Chicago via Grupo Gallegos and Casanova Pendrill.

He posted a couple of months ago numbers that he states reflects theUgly Truth about our US Hispanic advertising Industry.

The 58% De-Solution of targeting US Hispanic in Spanish and through Spanish-language media.

He states basically that the sky has fall in on our Industry.  That the majority of Hispanic do not view Spanish-Language television.  Ok, there are those that do not and those that do.

One view represent the current business model of today’s US Hispanic advertising and media industry and the other view is one that needs to grow larger wings and learn to fly.

In an e-mail conversation with David Chitel of the New Generation Latino Consortium (I like what he is doing with his conference again and trying to help our Industry) we have gone back and forth regrading the specific issue with the 58% De-Solution.

I submit to all of you what I wrote once I read the posting again:

I know Ken,  do not always see it the way he does (referring to other pieces I have read on his blog).

Interesting to note, that he is right (directionally) when you abstract the numbers (his way).

The business model of Spanish-language strategies to target US Hispanics generates $5B in advertising/revenue.

The business model of English-only to reach Hispanic does not always require a dramatic change in current mainstream advertising efforts and media placement, thus not offering the potential to be worth $5B in new advertising revenue or even a need to have talented professional to guide clients through the process to reach English dominant Hispanics.

¡Cuidado!    Gene Bryan

I should have added that maybe the only thing you need is a good creative and none of the other disciplines in our industry if you take this approach of the 58% De-Solution.

¡Bonito y Barato!

The question here is not that some Hispanics can be reach effectively and efficiently in English-only media.  The question here is there a bona fide business model for our Industry?

It’s all about the Benjamins !

Read Ken Muench’s piece CLICK HERE  and I do want to hear from you.

Gene Bryan

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