Do white women fear wise Latinas?

Those of you who are familiar with my rants will recall a similar post last year.  But seriously folks, something is very wrong with the white female-dominated New York-based Women in Communications (

For the second year in a row, Women in Communications has no Latina honorees in its annual Matrix Awards.  Supposedly, the Matrix Awards honor women who have achieved success in the world of communications.  I guess Women in Communications thinks wise Latinas like Telemundo’s Jackie Hernandez and El Diario La Prensa’s Rossana Rosado are a bunch of losers.  Or what about actress Zoe Saldana, who had a phenomenal year on the big screen?  A year after Sonia Sotomayor’s historic appointment I’m starting to get the sense that Women in Communications is run by a bunch of tapadas.

This is beyond unacceptable.  There is no denying that the recognition being accorded to this year’s honorees is well-deserved.  I mean, among the group are actress Tina Fey (yes, I’m a fan of hers) and the New York Times Foreign Editor Susan Chira.  But NO Latinas?!  Puh-leeze!

The Matrix Awards are scheduled for April 19 at the Waldorf in New York City.  Perhaps it’s time to invite Dolores Huerta to the Waldorf on April 19 so she can lead a “teach in” next to the Matrix Awards assembly.  Or perhaps we could invite Voto Latino spokesperson and actress Rosario Dawson.

Or perhaps we should contact NBC’s nightly news anchor Brian Williams (who happens to be an NBC colleague of Jackie Hernandez).  He’s the Emcee for this year’s Matrix Awards.  I’d love for him to get up to the podium on April 19, and ask the audience (and channeling that famous line from “Animal House”): “Where the Latinas at?”

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