Domino’s Pizza support bi-cultural couple on Tr3s ‘Quiero Mi Boda’.

Tr3s signs sponsorship with Domino’s Pizza for this season of Quiero Mi Boda. Domino’s Pizza ® delivers a slice from the lives of bicultural couples, as they gather around the table to re-connect with friends and family. In its fifth season, Quiero Mi Boda delivers more disapproving parents, young love, nurses-turned-musicians, a “tree hugging” couple, and a strict ‘no alcohol policy’ for the “I Do’s”.

The network’s “Quiero Mi” franchises continue to serve as an important vehicle for brands seeking to reach bilingual/bicultural Latinos. In the fifth season of Quiero Mi Boda, Domino’s Pizza is the centerpiece for a surprise party organized for the soon-to-be bride and groom, of North Carolina couple Iris & Zach. And during their afternoons of wedding planning, bilingual couple Cynthia & Jorge, enjoy building their own pizza creation on Domino’s ‘Build Your Own Pizza’ online ordering service.

Quiero Mi Boda takes an inside look at cross-cultural weddings and the hustle and bustle surrounding them. A wedding is a special event in the life of a couple: a day where not only two people join in matrimony but also a day when two families unite. Now imagine these two families being from completely different cultural backgrounds: different taste, traditions, religion, customs and sometimes even different languages. Quiero Mi Boda goes behind-the-scenes to unveil the stressful yet harmonious union of these unique couples.

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