Eastlan to launch Multicultural Radio ratings service

The initial product offering, dubbed “E-Plus”, is specifically designed to improve measurement accuracy in large multi-cultural radio markets.

Mike Agovino stated, “Over the course of time as the country and individual markets have diversified legacy measurement methods have failed to keep pace. Years later we see the impact of this complacency; underrepresentation of certain cultures and sub-cultures in the sample base which leads to results that significantly distort the listening habits of non-English dominant populations. We are confident that “E-Plus” will overcome these challenges and gain traction as a service that empowers advertisers and their agencies with more accurate multi-cultural listener data and a more accurate holistic view of markets with large non-English populations”.

Mike Gould, President of Eastlan Ratings, had this to say regarding the partnership, “Eastlan has a twenty-year heritage of providing trusted audience metrics in over 100 US markets. We engaged Mike to work with us to explore growth opportunities in the market and collectively we’ve embraced a vision around democratizing measurement in multi-cultural markets. It’s important to note that this is a fully independent venture with no financial support or influence from outside media companies”.

“E-plus” will significantly expand sample sizes from current Nielsen panels while also employing a single respondent per household model to ensure proportionate inclusion of multi-cultural consumers. The first “E-Plus” analysis is currently in process for the Los Angeles market and the partners intend to share the results publicly in an advertiser/agency information webinar to be held sometime in August.


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