eContenido and e-Television to Educate & Entertain U.S. Hispanic Kids

eContenido and e-Television have announced a partnership to develop, produce and distribute content under the Teleclip TV US brand for Hispanic children and youth in the U.S.

Teleclip TV is Television made by and for children between the ages of 7 and 17 that targets a young audience in the Spanish-speaking world. On Teleclip TV kids develop and present professionally produced stories of interest to them and their peers. Under the brand Teleclip TV US, eContenido and e-Television will expand on the formats and methodology developed by Teleclip TV to create specific products and programs for U.S. Hispanic children and youth for broadcast and online distribution.

“Today’s children embrace technology and media from a young age and we are really excited with this great opportunity to use our production and academic expertise to educate and entertain U.S. Hispanic kids,” said Felix M. Mendez, principal of eContenido. “Through this new educational division of eContenido we will be developing content that will serve as a branding platform for those seeking to tap and engage this young market.”

“e-Television is thrilled to have found a partner who shares our vision and with whom we can now develop products for children in the U.S,” said Loreto Corredoira, CEO of e-Television and Professor at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. “By partnering with eContenido our goal is to produce high quality content using our methods developed after years of research on Media Literacy and User Generated Content.”

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