El Genio picked up by two Entravision Radio Stations.

Al & CM Broadcasting and KE PADRE announced that the Alex “El Genio” Lucas Morning Show has been picked up by Entravision Radio.
El Genio’s show will debut on Los Angeles stations, KLDE 103.1 FM and KDLE 103.1 FM; which are Entravision’s “EL GATO” stations, covering the entire Los Angeles metro.

Carlos Moncada, President of AL & CM said, “An on-air personality’s name recognition is important to radio stations, because it is important to fans and listeners, El Genio is one of the top talents in Spanish radio today. He is dynamic, charismatic, and a proven ratings winner; landing at the top of his time slot in major markets such as Denver, Riverside, Sacramento, Salinas, Las Vegas, and now of course, Los Angeles! El Genio has what it takes, and he knows how to deliver great entertainment, day after day, year after year. Few people have enjoyed the longevity, passion, and popularity of this star, and we are pleased that Entravision has entered into an agreement to feature this legendary talent on its team, as its Morning Show Host on El Gato!

El Genio commented, “I am pleased to be affiliated with Entravision, a leading company serving Hispanics. El Gato is an important radio station to Hispanic radio listeners all over Los Angeles and Southern California, the #1 radio market in America. I respect Entravision because they allow their on-air personalities to interact with Hispanic audiences in a genuine and unique way, and they understand the #1 rule of great radio is engagement. They allow their on-air personalities the creative license to do great radio, and really entertain audiences in a way that resonates with people. I am excited to be here, and you can bet that our audiences will continue to reward us with top ratings.”

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