Email Marketing Produces Compelling Results For Catalogers & Retailers.

DoubleClick Inc. announced results of its Email Marketing Trend Report, which will be released on a quarterly basis.

The results indicate that emails from catalogers and retailers have the highest click-through rates compared to other industries. In addition, the data provides early indications that the best day to receive high click-through rates on email offers differs for publishers and marketers.

Consumers Open More Emails From Catalogers and Retailers Than From The Hospitality Industry

The report, which contains data gathered through DoubleClick’s DARTmail system, reveals that within the marketer segment, catalogers had the highest email click-through rate at 9.5%, with the retail segment close behind with 9.1 %, compared to the hospitality segment with 4.4%. These figures indicate that catalogers and retailers are successfully integrating email marketing into their traditional direct marketing campaigns, and effectively using email to communicate timely and relevant messages to their customer base.

In addition, the data found that pass along rates were high for both the catalog segment with 0.4%, and for the retail segment with 0.6%, compared to the BtoB segment with 0.2%, which implies that consumers see the importance of spreading retail and catalog email messages to others.

Consumers Respond To Email Offers From Marketers and Publishers On Different Days

The best days to achieve high click-through rates on email campaigns varied for both marketers and publishers. The data reveals that marketers have the highest click-through rates between Tuesdays and Thursdays with an average of 6.5%, while publishers have the highest click-through rates on the weekends with an average rate of 9.4%. These results indicate that consumers tend to respond to marketing offers during the week possibly from work where the connection speed is higher, while they prefer to read newsletters from publishers on the weekend when they have more leisure time.

“The data indicates that consumers are not only interested in receiving email offers from catalogers and retailers, but also want to share this information with their network of contacts, and we see this important trend increasing,” said Genevieve Mallgrave, Vice President and General Manager, Direct Marketing, DoubleClick Inc. “Furthermore, both marketers and publishers should take advantage of knowing that consumers have varying preferences for when they read their emails, and should build on their customer relationships accordingly.”

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