Encanto del Caribe on PBS.

Beginning on August 1st, and stretching across a span of three months, Public Television stations across the country are set to share a landmark Latin music concert from Puerto Rico. “Encanto del Caribe” (“Charm of the Caribbean”) finds acclaimed pianist Arthur Hanlon uniting an impressive line-up of Latin music stars – Marc Anthony, Laura Pausini, Bernie Williams, Cheo Feliciano, Natalia Jiménez, Ana Isabelle and more – for the first-ever concert recorded at Puerto Rico’s historic Castillo de San Cristóbal (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). With over fifty musicians and dancers coming together around Hanlon’s trademark Blue piano, “Encanto del Caribe” will bring a heartfelt seaside evening of music in Puerto Rico into the homes of public television viewers in over fifty major markets in the United States, with many affiliates making the programming an essential part of their upcoming/life-sustaining special pledge drives (see sample broadcast schedule below). “Encanto del Caribe” will also be available as CD/DVD release from Universal Music Latino on August 21st.

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