Engagement Study: ImpreMedia HHs Connected, Engaged & Likely to Influence Others.

ImpreMedia announced that it has completed an unprecedented engagement study of its audience. The study demonstrates that impreMedia households are on average bigger, more connected with one another, more engaged with their media of choice, and more likely to influence the purchase decisions of others when compared to the general Hispanic market and to Spanish TV viewers in the US.

The research study shows that, compared to US Hispanics in general, impreMedia households are 31% more likely to have 6 or more people in the household, 22% more likely to include 3 generations and more than two times as likely to speak Spanish in the home and have children who speak Spanish. They are also 45% more likely to talk to 11 or more people every day and 47% more likely to have hosted a community event. ImpreMedia households have significant spending plans across a variety of categories, including home improvement, automotive, financial services and auto and life insurance.

Monica Gadsby, CEO, Starcom MediaVest Group Multicultural, and a participant in the upfront calibration of the study among leading Hispanic media planners, welcomed the results of the study. “Clients are asking for deeper insights and better quality data about the Hispanic audience. Research such as impreMedia’s proprietary engagement study will provide another level of understanding beyond the syndicated services.” According to Gadsby, “This new knowledge can help us present more targeted media plans that will maximize our client’s media dollars.”

Advertisers are also eager to acquire better data on the Hispanic audience. David Rodriguez, Multicultural Marketing Manager, Ford Motor Company, remarked that “Our challenge is to deliver ROI in our marketing efforts. Data from impreMedia’s proprietary engagement study about the media habits of our Hispanic targets will be critical to that challenge. It can help us make more informed media decisions leading to more cost-effective expenditures that will generate stronger ROI,” Rodriguez added. “Beyond the media value, this type of data will help build the business case for Hispanic marketing, which in this environment, is a critical proposition.”

ImpreMedia web audiences are especially active online. They index 138 against US Hispanics and 129 against Spanish TV viewers in connecting with 11 or more people online every day. Expressing their views is very important to them. ImpreMedia web users are nearly twice as likely as Hispanics generally and 53% more than Spanish TV viewers to write to their online news source or post commentary online.

Conducted by Core Strategies, a market research company based in Orange County, the fielding and analysis of the media engagement study was completed among over 4000 participants, including 3500 readers and users of impreMedia publications and websites. Interviews were conducted in-home, followed by surveys distributed within the Company’s publications and websites. The study is unique, not only for the number of subjects interviewed, but also because it is believed to be the first hybrid study which covers both Hispanic print and web use. The Company believes that the findings of the study will provide valuable demographic and attitudinal data about impreMedia consumers, unique insights into the Hispanic demographic, and re-affirm impreMedia as a leading Hispanic media company.

“The original viral marketing tool” is what Erich Linker, impreMedia’s Senior Vice President of Sales, called impreMedia’s online and print properties. Linker asserts that this research validates “impreMedia as the most effective media company at engaging Hispanic consumers seeking information. ImpreMedia brings the power of the Hispanic market to advertisers seeking to expand their markets and permits brands to influence the decision-making process of this market.” By 2008, the number of Hispanics living in the US had exceeded 47 Million.

Agencies and advertisers interested in a presentation of the impreMedia Engagement Study are invited to contact Erich Linker (erich.linker@impremedia.com) to arrange a meeting.

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