Engaging the Influential Hispanic Market In 2021 and Beyond The Marketing Insider [PODCAST]

Claritas  releases its annual U.S. Hispanic Market Report. On this episode of The Marketing Insider, popular guest Ron Cohen, VP of Practice Leadership at Claritas, joins us to talk facts and figures. From their behaviors and preferences to their spending habits and more, Ron shares unique data to help marketers effectively engage the fast-growing Hispanic population. In addition, we were lucky enough to sit down with Henry Gómez, VP of Strategic Planning at the multicultural marketing agency, Zubi Advertising. In our interview, Henry shares the history behind how Zubi cultivated a decades long relationship with auto manufacturing giant Ford and gives listeners an inside look into how the agency is actively eliminating stereotypes about multicultural markets and instead, replacing fallacies with data backed research.

Read The 2021 U.S. Hispanic Market Report, CLICK HERE.





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