Environmental awareness among Teens Could mean Green for Online Marketing.

JupiterResearch has found appreciation for the environment is alive and well among online teens age 13 – 17. Outlined in a new report “Green Teens: Reaching A Trendy, Engaged Audience Online,” some 38 percent of all online teens admit concern for the environment, while 15 percent are hardcore Green Teens.

Because Green Teens are popular, influential, and engaged with online media and communications, this group represents a prime target for marketers as they are more likely to respond positively to online marketing, the report said. Although the media-related behavior of green teens mimics that of teens in general, they are a little more active online and are regular users of online media and entertainment sites, and they’re more active online communicators as well.

“Green Teens are leaders among their peers – but more importantly, they are opinion leaders,” explained David Card, Vice President and Senior Analyst at JupiterResearch. “This group likes to be the first to learn about something new; they have the potential to become a powerful tool in the online marketing arsenal.”

As a result of online advertising, 29 percent of green teens report having made a purchase in a traditional store during the past 12 months and 19 percent have made a purchase online. This compares favorably with online teens overall, of which 22 percent have made an in-store purchase and 13 percent online as a result of online marketing efforts.

“Green teens are another reason marketers need to tune into consumer attitudes about the environment,” said David Schatsky, President of JupiterResearch. “Jupiter is helping to guide leading marketers to take advantage of this exciting phenomenon.”

For more information at http://www.jupiterresearch.com

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