Estado de Gracia on Cinelatino.

The highly-provocative dramatic series from Mexico about the country’s illegal drug trade, and the first Mexican series about drug legalization, “Estado de Gracia” (State of Grace), will make its world premiere on Monday, June 4, 2012, exclusively on Cinelatino.

“Estado de Gracia” is a political suspense thriller that presents a realistic portrait of the drug trafficking crisis in Mexico, shedding light on the network of money, power and corruption that fuels the ongoing drug trade.

Set in Mexico City, the fictional series centers on a local congresswoman who proposes a law to legalize drugs in an effort to dismantle the powerful drug cartels and end the narco-related violence. Facing powerful enemies, the congresswoman—played by esteemed Mexican actress Karina Gidi—watches all aspects of her life come apart after proposing this controversial legislation.

The 13-episode series portrays a sobering view of the country’s illegal drug trade and touches on sensitive issues such as corruption among politicians and police, blame, the impunity of drug traffickers, violence and drug-related killings, addiction, temptations among those in office, the role of the media, and the dangers facing non-corrupt police officers. The series also captures the human element to the story, showing the impact of drugs in the home, at the office and in school.

“We knew we had to acquire this series right away,” said Ricardo De Leon, Director of Programming for Cinelatino. “Drug violence is a reality in Mexico, and no other Mexican series has dared broach the topics of drug violence and legalization in such an honest and realistic way.”

“Estado de Gracia is one of the best-written, most cutting edge series to come out of Mexico, and we’re proud to give our U.S. viewers access to it before it airs anywhere else in the world,” said James M. McNamara, Chairman of Cinelatino. “With drug legalization as one of the hot topics in the presidential elections coming up in Mexico and the U.S., ‘Estado de Gracia’ is a relevant, must-see series that will have everyone talking.”

The series was directed by the highly-acclaimed, Oscar-nominated filmmaker, Carlos Bolado, who has won 21 awards at prestigious international film festivals for his work on films like Promises, a documentary about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that was nominated for an Oscar, and Solo Dios Sabe (Only God Knows), a romantic thriller starring Diego Luna and Alice Braga that was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

The series features top quality production values and a strong cast of top Mexican talent, including Karina Gidi (Abel; Gitanas), Daniel Martinez (Ella y el Candidato; El Infierno; Como No Te Voy a Querer), Raul Mendez (Mariachi Gringo; Sultanes del Sur; Amar a Morir), Jose Carlos Rodriguez (Rudo y Cursi; Vantage Point; Asi del Precipicio), Lisa Owen (Vantage Point; Nacho Libre), Roberto Sosa (Get the Gringo; Cartas a Elena), and Dagoberto Gama (Amores Perros; La Reina del Sur; El Infierno).

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