Estrella TV beefs up station line-up.

Estrella TV has closed an array of new affiliates and station renewals. Newest affiliates signing with Estrella TV are WANN-TV, Atlanta and KOCY-TV, Oklahoma City. Renewing the network are KXAP-TV, Tulsa; KNRC-TV, Reno; and KRET-TV in Palm Springs.

“Estrella TV has arrived as the network story in 2012. We are delighted to continue our impressive track record of bringing aboard prestigious Spanish-language affiliates in significant Hispanic markets across the country. In addition, the station renewals underscore the growing popularity of Estrella TV, and the success of our counter-programming strategy which gives viewers a much needed alternative to the novelas that other Hispanic Networks program,” said Winter Horton, Chief Operating Officer of Liberman Broadcasting.

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