Estrella TV teams with Toyota for Campaign.

US Latino broadcast network Estrella TV has launched a combined advertising-promotion campaign on behalf of Toyota of Southern California that will award a Toyota truck (Tundra) – all decked out by popular singer Gerardo Ortiz, hailed as the phenomenon of the Regional Mexican genre, to a lucky Estrella TV viewer. The campaign combines Estrella TV and the network’s website with network spots and fun website content starring Ortiz as he selects ‘tricked out’ components for the truck that was given away in a special ceremony event on Sunday November 4. The campaign was created and developed jointly by Toyota’s acclaimed Hispanic ad agency powerhouse Castells together with client Toyota and the advertising/marketing team at Estrella TV.

Daisy Ortiz, West Coast Region Director of Sales for Estrella TV played a pivotal role in spearheading the effort. “Castells and Toyota of Southern California wanted to create and implement a consumer campaign that would be immersive and interactive, where the target market would have a fun opportunity to experience the excitement of the Toyota Tundra. Singer Gerardo Ortiz serves as the perfect spokes-talent for the campaign which has captured the attention of the market and has driven thousands of entries. The campaign is a perfect example of Estrella TV’s unique strengths in building market awareness and excitement and delivering brand messaging in a 360 degree environment. Truly, only Estrella TV could mount a campaign of this nature for clients who want to make a major market impact,” said Ortiz.

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