Estrella TV unveils Upfront Plans

As the showcase for its Upfront presentation, top US Hispanic broadcast network Estrella TV will host an intimate partner dinner event to be held Monday, May 13 on the mezzanine of Tao Restaurant.

“Our upfront approach is a more intimate one-on-one experience this year. We have been on the road visiting agencies and clients around the country sharing our successes, introducing our new original programming for the ‚13/‚14 season, and creating customized 360‚ platform campaigns that take advantage of all of our assets. The dinner at Tao, with our many advertising partners, will be a celebration of EstrellaT V’s incredible performance and a chance to introduce some of our newest talent, including Mykra Dellanos. We are all very proud of the fact that Estrella TV has been the fourth ranked Hispanic network since its inception in 2010, delivering higher ratings than networks who have been around much longer,” said Winter Horton, Chief Operating Officer of Liberman Broadcasting.

“We have a unique value proposition that is not replicated in the industry today. We strategize with advertisers and their agencies about how to feature their brands in cutting edge integrated marketing campaigns on our air. Our discussions are not limited to commercial schedules. We listen to our partners about their need to break out of their competitive set and have their advertising budgets work harder for them. As a result of this tailor made approach to clients‚ business, the demand for EstrellaTV has skyrocketed” says Judy Kenny, EVP of Network Sales.

Starting this week, Myrka Dellanos takes over as anchor of Estrella TV’s early national newscast.

“Myrka Dellanos is a fantastic addition to our incredible news department and together with Enrique Gratas will help take Estrella TV to the next level. We are very pleased not only to have Myrka as new national news anchor, but to expand her network presence this summer with “En Exclusiva con Myrka Dellanos,” a fast paced one hour format where Myrka will be interviewing top celebrities and newsmakers from around the world. The demand for Estrella TV has exceeded our expectations and we are looking forward to a great upfront this year,” added Horton.

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