Estrella TV Upfront 2012-2013 Programming [UPDATE]

Estrella TV has unveiled its new for 2012 programming line-up at the broadcast network’s upfront session.

First on the slate is a new weekly primetime series called “Milagros.” “Milagros” is a one-hour drama that re-enacts the miracles real people experience after praying to a saint for help. Milagros will be cast with big name actors like Alejandro Avila, Luis Fernando Peña, Marisol Santa Cruz and Arlet Pacheco, just to name a few. The series is shot on location all over Mexico and Latin America.

Also in the drama category for this Fall is a new mini-series, “Chalino.” This scripted dramatic series will chronicle the all too short and yet exciting life of singing legend, Chalino Sanchez. Chalino was a pioneer in the regional Mexican music world and is widely regarded as the father of the Banda movement of the 80’s. He was also an immigrant from Mexico that escaped poverty in order to pursue his American dream. Tragically, Chalino Sanchez’s life was cut short 20 years ago. He was in his prime at the young age of 32 but his legacy has lived on for decades, influencing almost every regional Mexican artist performing today.

Next on the slate for this Fall is an exciting new comedy based on the world of professional wrestling. Titled “A2D3,” the show follows Elverio Gudiño who wants nothing more than to be a professional wrestler with the catchy name “El Veri Gud.” Unfortunately, El Veri Gud is not so good and, on top of that, he’s a little old to start a wrestling career. But he is dedicated, so much so that he never takes his mask off… ever. It might upset his family and friends, but it doesn’t deter our hero ….

Estrella will also be developing a new sitcom starring and produced by Hector Suarez and his real life son. The comedy will be based on an immigrant family living in Los Angeles and facing all the challenges of life in a foreign country.

Estrella TV’s news department will be expanding as well with veteran journalist Enrique Gratas hosting a weekly investigative news magazine show.

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