EstrellaTV unveils National Viewer Study

EstrellaTV has unveiled the results of a comprehensive study of Hispanic television viewers nationwide prepared jointly by prestigious consumer research firms Motivo Insights and IPSOS OTX on behalf of the network. The consumer research report underscores EstrellaTV’s rise to national prominence among US Hispanic networks resulting from the broadcasters success in achieving brand recognition, affinity and loyalty among Spanish-speaking viewers nationwide.

Based on multiple focus groups, in-person intercept interviews and online surveys conducted with Spanish-speaking viewers of all US Hispanic networks across the country, the national research study reveals:

EstrellaTV leads all US Hispanic network competition in audience momentum:

– Respondents identified EstrellaTV as one of the networks they tune in first when they watch television.

– Respondents identified EstrellaTV as the network they are watching more today compared to the ones they were watching a year ago.

EstrellaTV leads all US Hispanic network competition in brand loyalty:

– Respondents identified EstrellaTV as the number one network that „related to them personally,‰ beating both Univision and Telemundo.

– When asked to rank the top networks that they „value most,‰ Hispanic television viewers identified EstrellaTV over all other networks (Only Univision tied with EstrellaTV).

– Respondents cite EstrellaTV for creating and delivering the freshest programming that addresses their specific entertainment tastes.

EstrellaTV attracts desirable consumers for advertisers that influence purchasing:

– EstrellaTV viewers are more likely to own a home, possess higher average household incomes and are more educated than viewers of other networks.

– The Motivo/IPSOS research study reveals that over 50% of EstrellaTV viewers are willing to try new products and go on to encourage family and friends to try the products or services that they like.

Commenting on the research, Lenard Liberman, President of Liberman Broadcasting, said: “We were blown away by the results of the research study. While we knew through our impressive Nielsen ratings that our programming was resonating with audiences, we did not fully appreciate the power of the EstrellaTV brand in the minds of viewers. It is clear that US Hispanic television viewers value greatly an alternative to novela heavy networks and identify personally with the programming that we produce. To possess some of the highest scores among all networks in all areas of brand affinity is impressive after only launching the network two and a half years ago.”

Said Winter Horton, Chief Operating Officer of Liberman Broadcasting, owner/operator of Estrella TV, “The brand loyalty that viewers expressed for EstrellaTV in the research demonstrates that our programming is right on target and validates our programming strategy of producing high quality programming in the United States specifically for U.S. Hispanics. The study provides a definitive confirmation of EstrellaTV’s success in building its brand among Hispanic viewers throughout the US.”

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