Finally an answer on whether to use Spanish or English to reach US Hispanics or lack of one.

Over the last two weeks, I have heard experts (that I consider experts) and self-proclaimed experts (too many) on reaching Hispanics on trying to answer the question of reaching US Hispanics in either English or Spanish.

I must admit no real new rationalization for either approach that I have already heard, but here are some points of clarity.

CLARITY comes from the diversity in cultural and linguistic models that are necessary in effectively and efficiently reaching US Hispanics.

CLARITY that since Spanish-Language is the dominant strategy and thus there is a large business model that supports this approach.  The need and the complexity of reaching all US Hispanic that have a different experience in the USA requires a different approach and the use of English is an attractive option.

CLARITY that you need experts to help you navigate the complexity of culture, language and advertising.

I just hope no one comes up with a clear cut answer, since it would eliminate the need advertisers have of hiring US Hispanic advertising and marketing experts to gain share in their respective markets.

Keep on looking. I do not think you will find one rational, nicely packaged answer to end the discussion.

Mis dos chavitos.

Gene Bryan

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