Ford, Fashion meet in Miami – Fusion Sedan and Iconic Guayabera.

Ford is hosting “Guayaberas y Fusion,” an event held in conjunction with Fashion Week in Miami that highlights fashion and culture and showcases how the vehicle design process incorporates many elements of fashion.

“The thought that goes into designing a new vehicle is extensive,” says Ford designer Anthony Prozzi, who was formerly a fashion designer for Donna Karan. “And it’s very similar in many ways to the creative process fashion designers follow when they’re creating clothing.”

At Guayaberas y Fusion, Miami fashion designers and auto designers from Ford will meet to discuss the similarities and challenges of creating such high-quality products and compare and contrast the processes that bring their respective products to life.

“The most alluring part for me is that each piece is as personal as the individual wearing it,” said Miami guayabera designer Maria Ofelia Gravier Armas. “I combine textures, hues, contrasts, prints, lace and trims into a unique ‘fusion’ that leads to a beautifully distinctive and elegant piece.”

“The public has an interest in design and designers like never before,” said Prozzi. “And like many creative fields, we face the challenge of how to be not just exciting but also meaningful – we must design with a conscience.”

“Good taste resonates across the globe,” Prozzi said. “It’s true with fashion, and it’s true with the Fusion.”

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