Galavision Extends Kids Block.

Galavision’s Galamiguitos is now airing on Saturday and Sunday mornings, extending the exclusive educational franchise to seven days a week.

The Galamiguitos block offers a unique TV-viewing alternative to children who speak – or want to learn to speak Spanish. Galavision is now the only Spanish-language television network that offers daily children’s programming – entertaining and educational fare for kids ages two to seven.

“The Galamiguitos shows were produced with the objective of educating and entertaining Hispanic children – in response to widespread viewer demand. Latina moms and teachers were looking for wholesome kids’ programming in Spanish. This educational programming gives Hispanic preschoolers a jump-start into elementary school while boosting their cultural pride,” said Lucia Ballas-Traynor, Galavision’s General Manager.

“In addition, what differentiates the Galamiguitos block from traditional Hispanic television kids’ programming is that the shows were developed specifically for children ages two to seven who live in the United States” she added.

By extending Galamiguitos to seven days a week, Galavision responds to the growing need of serving the fastest-growing kids’ population* in the United States with high-quality educational Spanish-language programming. All three shows use music, skits and funny characters to teach skills, language and traditional Hispanic stories.

Galamiguitos, (meaning Gala’s Little Friends) is comprised of three award-winning half-hour programs: Humphrey, El Sofa de la Imaginacion and Salsa. The preschool block is a joint venture between Galavision and the Benny Smart division of Hollywood Ventures Corporation, a leading provider of children’s entertainment on Public Television.

This April, as part of the cable industry’s educational outreach program called “Cable in the Classroom,” Galavision will air Humphrey once a week without commercial interruptions so that teachers across the country can tape the show and use it as a teaching tool to complement classroom activities.

“Humphrey, a Galavision original production, along with Salsa and El Sofa de la Imaginacion are a smash hit with kids. They’re funny, playful, educational and entertaining,” said Ms. Ballas-Traynor.

Since the introduction of the weekend Galamiguitos block, ratings have quadrupled.

Humphrey, for example, recently garnered its highest weekend ratings of 1.1, capturing 16% of children ages 2-11 watching Spanish Language television.

· Humphrey is a bicultural original Galavision production that follows the adventures of a big lovable bear named Humphrey and his bilingual friend and host Iyari. Together they explore the world of Hispanic preschoolers. Episodes include teaching preschoolers a variety of traditional Latin American songs that stimulate cultural pride. (9:30 am ET/PT)

· Salsa, a Spanish-language original production, uses puppets to teach the fundamentals of the Spanish language and traditional Hispanic story telling to pass on cultural mores and values. The puppets and animated characters that appear on Salsa were created to encourage positive self-esteem in Hispanic preschoolers by teaching and celebrating Hispanic culture and language. (10:00 am ET/PT)

· El Sofa de la Imaginacion, also known as The Big Comfy Couch on Public Television, is currently rated as a top-five preschool show in the U.S. With a clown named Loonette and her doll Molly, they live in a playful environment of learning and discovery. Viewers go through daily routines that many preschool children require to master basic cognitive skills. Segments include “The Ten Second Tidy,” which encourages children to clean up after themselves and the “Clock Rug Stretch” which teaches coordination and motor skills. Preschool children also learn important social skills such as sharing and cooperation. (9:00 am ET/PT)

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