GLR Networks launches four new Musical Radio Programs.

GLR Networks announced the addition of four new musical radio shows to their Spanish language programming geared towards Hispanics living in America. These shows range from a variety of musical formats targeted to different demographic groups in the Hispanic market.

“El Tropical Latino” is an exciting program conducted by Tata Solarte and Vicente Moros that reflects the tropical music movement in Latin America and brings rhythm, fun, and joy to listeners every day!

“El Elevador” is a lively new program that is conducted by hosts Roxana Soler “La Ardilla” and Antonio Molina “El Tigre”, who together bring the top 10 countdown in Mexican Regional Music.

“El Callejon” is a new 2 hour program hosted by DJ Bravo that brings the most up to date news, trends and music of popular artists in the urban music movement.

“World Dance Music”, hosted by highly recognized DJ Luis Lopez, brings the hottest mixes and countdown in electronic music, including interviews with top DJ’s and record labels, and more!

“To better serve the diversity of US Hispanics, GLR is dedicated to developing new programming opportunities such as the addition of multiple music formats to reinforce our commitment with the Hispanic community in America”, stated Blanca Navas, Director of Affiliations for GLR Networks.

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