Gonzalez named Editor Director of TVnotas USA.

Maya Publishing Group LLC., the publisher in the US Hispanic Market of TVnotas USA, H para Hombres and H Extremo, announced that Jusmir Gonzalez has been named the Editorial Director for TVnotas USA magazine.

Jusmir Gonzalez, who had played to date as deputy editor, will be responsible for leading the new phase of the magazine which will undertake editorial changes for US Hispanic Market.

On the new editorial policy of the magazine Gonzalez said: “We want to take a line aimed at highlighting the positive aspects of our celebrities, but TVnotas USA will maintain its essence as the independent entertainment magazine, which has allowed us to be the only one that can ‘say it all’ because we are not married to any television or interest of any kind. But that independence is exercised in full responsibility, as has been our standard since the beginning of TVnotas USA. Our readers will have the assurance that if we publish something, it is because we have evidence of the facts, nothing more and nothing less.”

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