Channel On Hispanic Sexuality. announced the launch of a new interactive channel dedicated to sexuality issues from a Hispanic perspective.

The new channel includes a confidential online Q&A with Latino experts on sexuality, features dedicated to sexual myths, and the latest news developed for Latinos by Latinos. Visitors will also have another tool at their fingertip: a live one-hour chat with sexuality specialist Claudia Campos every Thursday at 8:00 pm (Eastern Time) or 5:00 pm (Pacific Time).

“Latinos have common myths and taboos that they have to overcome in order to enjoy their sexuality and have a healthy sexual lifestyle,” says Claudia Campos. “Through this channel they will be able to ask everything they wanted to know and never dared to ask.”

Emilio Williams, CEO of Gracias Doctor, adds: “We want to offer Hispanic consumers, and those health institutions or businesses that want to reach out to them, original platforms that are meaningful to all parties involved.”

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