Health Media Network launches Hispanic Health Network.

Health Media Network (HMN) is launching its newest information and education network created specifically for Hispanic healthcare physicians and consumers. The HMN Hispanic Network is supporting nearly 9,000 doctors reaching close to 4.5 million Hispanic consumers at the point they receive healthcare services.

In May, HMN acquired the exclusive national marketing and sales rights to America’s Minority Health Networks (AMHN). This deal included both Spanish language and African-American-focused medical information content and networks.

“At HMN we recognize that the Hispanic community has certain medical conditions and thus, specific health needs,” said Christopher Culver, president and CEO at HMN. “We are the first point-of-care information provider to address these needs across such a wide direct-to-consumer platform.”

“Early detection and preventative care can be encouraged by our information networks,” said Culver. “HMN is a viable solution to meet the real-time needs of physicians who are constantly searching for ways to better inform their patients, and for advertisers searching for ad space to communicate specific products and benefits to Hispanics.”

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