Heineken invites UEFA Champions League Fans to Keep it Legendary.

As an official sponsor of the UEFA Champions League, the world’s most prestigious soccer club competition, Heineken announced the launch of Keep it Legendary, a initiative that transforms UEFA Champions League game-watching into an interactive digital experience for U.S. soccer enthusiasts. With Keep it Legendary, Heineken continues to demonstrate the brand’s commitment to creating innovative digital marketing programs that speak to consumers’ passion points.

In sports and life, timing is everything. Unfortunately, for soccer fans in the U.S., the UEFA Champions League games are taking place in Europe while most of them are at work. This leaves fans subjected to spoilers via web-browsing highlights and updates during the day, ruining their evening game-viewing experience. For that reason, Heineken has created Keep it Legendary, a set of tools accessed through a dedicated tab on the Heineken Facebook page, which serves as a gateway to a spoiler-free web-browsing experience, allowing fans to enjoy the games the way they were meant to be: after work with friends and a Heineken.

“At Heineken, we understand the passion behind every soccer enthusiast; that’s why it was important for us to develop a unique way to preserve excitement around the beautiful game they love until the evening,” shared Daniel Mandelbaum, brand director at Heineken.
Keep it Legendary

Co-developed by The Vidal Partnership, the company’s lead Hispanic advertising agency, Keep it Legendary allows consumers to preserve game-day excitement with the following interactive, spoiler-free digital tools:

• The Fever Keeper, a web-browser tool that blocks online information related to the UEFA Champions League games (e.g., scores, goals scored by players, etc.) until users are ready to enjoy them later.

• The Venue Locator, an online event-planning tool that helps users find bars and events where UEFA Champions League games can be watched after work, or helps them plan their own events and invite friends.

As the tournament continues to advance, the Keep it Legendary experience and its functionality will begin to play a pivotal role in the way fans preserve their game-viewing experience. Therefore, Heineken® USA invites you to visit www.keepitlegendary.com now! Sign into your Facebook account. “Like” the Heineken UEFA Champions League button. Click on the start button to download the Fever Keeper and check out the Venue Locator tools.

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