Hennesey celebrates Latinos in Baseball.

Hennessy continues its “Never Stop, Never Settle” campaign by honoring one of baseball’s greatest Latino legends: Roberto Clemente. Centered on the notion that true greatness is reserved for those who have reached a level of mastery yet still push the limits of their potential, the “Never Stop, Never Settle” program draws parallels among the journeys of leading icons in various fields and the paths being forged by Hennessy aficionados.

Approaching the biggest day in baseball, Hennessy is honoring two stellar athletes who paved a path towards greatness and inspired other Latinos to become sports sensations. To continue its commitment, Hennessy will hold a private celebration at the exclusive Parlor in on Thursday, June 27 with the Clemente Museum and legendary baseball player Orlando Cepeda.

“It’s an honor to partner with Hennessy” said Cepeda. “Latinos fought hard to be at the forefront of baseball. Someone like Clemente made great strides and helped pave my own career. Today, Latino talent has nearly become synonymous with America’s favorite pastime. We definitely have an innate drive to ‘never stop, never settle.”

On Thursday, June 27 items from the Clemente Museum will leave Pittsburgh for the first time in history for Hennessy’s curated exhibition. More than 40 pieces from the museum’s collection will be on display in New York City for one night only. The collection celebrates Clemente’s legacy and will take fans through his courageous career in baseball.

“We are excited that the collection is able to travel to New York City through the support of Hennessy,” says Duane Rieder, the Museum Director at the Clemente Museum. “The ability to share these inspiring objects and images outside of Pittsburgh is a testament to Hennessy’s commitment to celebrating and sharing the rich history of Latinos in sports.”

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