Hispanic Digital FSI Program.

InternetMercado.com Inc. announced that it will launch LaBolsita.com, the online version of LaBolsita, a door-to-door distribution program.

LaBolsita.com will launch on April 4th as a weekly online newsletter targeting opt-in Hispanic Internet users throughout the US. The newsletter will feature coupons and direct marketing offers, much like its current Free Standing Insert (FSI) business. As a “digital” FSI, however, LaBolsita.com is delivered via email to Hispanic coupon clippers and online responders.

The launch will feature a unique bilingual email interface developed to facilitate coupon redemption among US Hispanics. Coupons and vouchers will be fulfilled by ValuPage, the leading online coupon and voucher distributor. Marcelino Miyares, President, stated, “Our decision to fulfill LaBolsita.com coupons through ValuPage means that every client currently advertising on ValuPage will now additionally benefit from an aggressive ‘door-to-desktop’ campaign to reach US Hispanics.”

“Fundamentally, we have always been in the direct response and promotion delivery business,” added Mitch Korn, Vice President Sales. “It’s time to integrate our digital and direct marketing capabilities.”

The offline version of LaBolsita has reached a circulation of close to 3 million households. LaBolsita.com will be emailed to an initial opt-in database of 100,000. Opt-in subscriptions will grow among US-based immigrants to an estimated 500,000 users within 18 months.

The program is expected to not only generate incremental revenue, but to extend InternetMercado’s direct response capabilities into the online media space. Coupon and direct response advertisers may advertise and measure response through direct links to their sites, or they may sponsor integrated campaigns that deliver online and offline offers fulfilled through micro-sites designed specifically for the US Hispanic shopper.

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