Hispanic Radio Podcast: Tackling ‘No Hispanic’ Dictates [PODCAST]

The topic of the latest Hispanic Radio Podcast, hosted by RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson, is one that he never thought he’d still be discussing some 20 years after it emerged as one of the most explosive issues facing the radio industry: Minority discounts and media.

“Tackling prejudices and dictates is still something on the lips, and in the ears, of many a marketer,” Jacobson laments.

But, a pair of seasoned media buying veterans who are now university professors in Boston and in Waco, Texas, respectively, have a thought: If ad rates were set based on the ratings for a particular program among a specific ethnic group, such as Hispanics, rather than for a network, “fair play” wouldn’t even be an issue.

But, it is — as was seen in February with the issuance of a charter on that very subject to 4 A’s members.

What’s the best path forward to bring fair and equitable treatment of minority media owners, some 20 years after “No Urban Dictates” came to light at Katz Radio Group?

Dr. J.P. James of Salem State University and Dr. Tyrha Lindsey-Warren of Waco University tackle the subject and offer their suggestions based on their own research finding marketers undervaluing the multicultural consumer.

To listen to podcast, CLICK HERE.


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