Honoring Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month at UNANIMO Deportes

May is Asian-American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) Heritage Month, and Unanimo Deportes joins in the celebration on all its platforms by taking a close look at the most prominent Latin-American sports personalities of Asian ancestry.

“The violence against all generations of Asian-Americans that we are currently living through should not be tolerated. One way to show our support is by showcasing their strengths and contributions to our society and the history and culture of the United States. At Unanimo Deportes, we will do our part by highlighting their many achievements in sports.” said Lino Garcia, CEO of Unanimo Deportes.

For that reason, during the month of May, Unanimo Deportes will have special programming including exclusive interviews and profiles of the many accomplished athletes such as eight-division world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao who has been vocal about stopping this insane violence. Unanimo will also spotlight athletes such as former MLB players Bruce Chen (Panama), Alex Cabrera-Suzuki (Venezuela), and former soccer players Pablo Larios (Mexico), Jorge Hirano Matsumoto (Peru), swimmer Patricia Castañeda Miyamoto (Mexico), and female MMA fighter Xochitl Hamada (Mexico) and many more.

“At Unanimo, we are dedicating time, resources and space for the creation of special content to highlight the wide cultural diversity that exists in our society, which converges to unite us through sports” indicated Lino Garcia; “In February, our focus was on Afro-Latin athletes during Black History Month, and now we will look at the Asian-Latins and their rich contributions and performances.” He added that sports fans will have access to this original and interactive content in Spanish, and now also in English on UnanimoSports.com.


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