Houston Chronicle launches LaVozTx.com.

The Houston Chronicle has launched a new website, LaVozTx.com, aimed at providing relevant, engaging Spanish-language content to the city’s growing Latino population.

LaVozTx.com is locally focused online source for news, sports, entertainment, video stories and photo galleries relevant to Hispanic culture and lifestyle. The site also offers Spanish translations of pertinent stories produced by the Houston Chronicle.

“The launch of LaVozTx.com creates the ultimate online destination for local news and every issue of interest to Houston Latinos, who make up nearly 40 percent of our city’s population,” said La Voz editor Aurora Losada. “As with our print publication La Voz, the editorial mission of LaVozTx.com is to provide Spanish-speaking and bilingual residents in the Houston area with the tools and information they need. Now we can keep them up to speed with frequent daily updates, breaking news and multimedia storytelling.”

“Local digital advertising is expected to achieve annual double-digit growth through 2014, and LaVozTx.com will bring together an engaged Hispanic audience with advertisers seeking this highly desired demographic,” said Alejandro “Alex” Sanchez, publisher of La Voz. “We are excited to provide our partners with a vehicle for reaching Houston’s growing Spanish-language population, which is turning to online and mobile devices for local news and information.”

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