How Can We Return So Much Support and Love?

I am in a difficult situation. How can I respond to over 7,000 impressions, hundreds of e-mails, phone calls and countless messages? Since we announced our 25th Anniversary people from our Hispanic Market industry and friends from the Multicultural world have reached out to express gratitude and support, among them the folks from AIMM and HMC. It should be me thanking all of you for being out there and being part of the industry conversation.

Without your activity, your news, your new developments and everything you do each day wouldn’t exist.

Thank you to the key network execs who have called. Thank you to the agency heads that have reached out. Engagement is key and we wouldn’t exist without the content you provide us every week of the year.

The two recent pieces for the 25th Anniversary and the Moving Mountains one, about Barba and Marchant, have once again proven to me that feedback is the best nutrient for our publication. Your response amounts to a virtual “Who-Is-Who” of our industry. As we keep celebrating this anniversary with you, let’s keep the dialogue happening and the conversation going!

Gene Bryan


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