How Digital Display can become your #1 Marketing Tactic

Ask yourself a question: How much money do you spend on audience research to better understand who your audience is, whether it’s focus groups or in-market research? Now ask yourself: What if that money could be spent for real-time research while also reaching your target with actual messaging?  In other words, what if your budget could be allocated to media and research was a free byproduct?  It can be that way right now with any number of tools that are available to marketers though digital display. 

In full disclosure, I work in data — but that can’t hold me up from proclaiming what I knew for years as a media buyer.  Digital display, when done properly, is effectively a real-time research tool that enables brand marketers to gain actual information about their audience while testing messaging and either proving or disproving a hypothesis about audience  — rather than allocating hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars to a low-return vehicle such as standard offline research tools.

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