How do we gauge good advertising … great creative or increased sales?

   Many of you have enjoyed the series Mad Men, that portrays the entertaining view of advertising professionals and their craft.

One thing is extremely clear about the job the professional depicted in this series do is to sell product and services.

Simple.  Sell products and services.  What a concept.

When did the advertising business and in our case the US Hispanic advertising business evolve from their core mission of helping advertisers move and/or sell more products and services?

When was it more important to produce a creative piece that is consider by many to be the cutting edge presentation of an idea as the key element of success and the opportunity of winning an award vs. using the metric of selling more products and services?

There are US Hispanic ad agencies that are currently evolving their models into marketing and sales partners for advertisers to serve this client need of selling more.

Our foundation as an industry was always that we would move products and services.  That is why clients listened to the greats such as the Conills, Castor Fernandez, Tere Zubizaretta, Carlos Montemayor and many more.

They only talk about selling and moving product, not about a scene in a commercial and if there is a possibility of entering a creative competition.  They did not have the time, the need to worry about awards, they just wanted to get the business and RETAIN the business.

The creatives in our industry might hate what I depict here.  But, I assume they also want to be judge by the impact of their work in persuading a consumer to actually move the sales barometer for a client.

Maybe many of us should take a look at the book of fundamentals that help pave the way for the double digit growth of our Industry in the past two decades.

What do you think?

Gene Bryan

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