How Marketers Will Use Data In 2014 [REPORT]

I pulled some data-related prophecies to share with you, but here’s my prediction first: Marketers will begin to use data to better understand the customer lifecycle. This will help them build and deliver marketing campaigns that produce substantially better results. The model relies on some of the same tactics manufacturers use in product or customer lifecycle management. Some brands like Intuit began walking that path, but more will start that journey in 2014. It’s a topic we will explore at the Search Insider Summit in Key Largo, Fla. April 27-30.

Tapping into quality customer data will become the biggest challenge for online marketers in 2014, according to a StrongView study.

IDC predicts the market for big data will reach $16.1 billion in 2014, growing six times faster than the overall IT market when considering the storage, servers, services, and software required to support it. It will support the adoption of analytics and automation or programmatic buying.

Here are some of the other predictions. Mike Kisseberth, digital media executive at TechMedia Network, believes closing the gap between native advertising and programmatic buying will become one of the next big hurdles. He believes the pressure remains on the shoulders of advertisers to figure out how to automate native advertising, so publishers can create custom content quickly and with little overhead, to drive actual scale.

Kisseberth thinks industry execs are still confused about the meaning of programmatic, especially premium programmatic.  As more publishers adopt programmatic strategies in 2014, the emphasis will shift from understanding the medium to moving it forward.

BlueKai SVP of Marketing Cory Treffiletti also thinks programmatic buying will extend beyond the banner and into social media and television, which we saw happen a bit in 2013.

In a white paper, Silverpop tells us actionable data will become a key differentiator, and marketers will become architects of the customer experience. What do you think?

by Laurie Sullivan
Laurie Sullivan is a writer and editor for MediaPost.
Courtesy of MediaPost



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