HRN Media Network expands line-up

HRN Media Network, a Gen Media Partners company, has expanded its platform with recognizable Hispanic personalities and sports programs in its lineup. All of Gen Media Partners’ Hispanic assets – including Sun Latino and GLR – will now operate exclusively under the HRN umbrella, creating an easy one-source solution for advertisers, agencies, and radio stations for all things Hispanic.

“Our content portfolio continues to grow with the addition of big-name personalities and engaging sports programming,” stated Clark Logan, President of HRN Media Network. “By streamlining our Hispanic network resources under HRN, we are in position to deliver compelling content to Hispanic radio and offer our advertisers more opportunities for connecting with U.S. Hispanic listeners.”

Said long-time Hispanic radio veteran Jimmy Perez, Vice President of Affiliate Relations and Programming for HRN, “Hispanic radio plays an essential role in the growing Hispanic communities across America. I’m excited about HRN Media Network’s trajectory, as we continue to expand and lead in quality Hispanic audio programming..”

Russell Otero, Vice President of National Radio for Estrella Media, said, “HRN has been a great partner, and we’re excited to be a part of their growth. They are doing a great job with Don Cheto and the Reach+ Network, which includes many of our radio stations.”  


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