HSBC Target Hispanic In NYC With Live Billboard.

HSBC Bank USA, N.A. has unveiled a live 3-D billboard as part of a campaign designed to promote the bank’s new Hispanic-focused products and services. Extending from the billboard is a bench on which a person will sit and ponder the question, “Do you want a better bank?” The billboard is part of HSBC’s “Do you want a better bank?” campaign and plays off the dual meaning of the word banco, meaning both bank and bench, in Spanish.

The billboard is located in the heart of the Hispanic community, on the busy corner of 125th St. and 2nd Avenue in Manhattan. When the person, who will be lifted up via a crane, isn’t sitting on the bench a mannequin will substitute. Putting a person directly on the billboard is one way HSBC is communicating with Hispanic consumers.

“Our innovative marketing campaign has been successful in reaching the Hispanic community and has captured significant media and industry attention,” said Mayra DiRico, senior vice president and district executive, HSBC Bank USA, NA. “We pride ourselves on being in touch with the consumer’s mind set and the realities of life, and include these characteristics in our advertising.”

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