I am going to get a little Loco here and not Pollo Loco.

My colleagues in the US Hispanic trade marketing Industry ‘fumbled’ over one another to highlight that Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners (BSSP) was assigned the creative assignment for the El Pollo Loco Hispanic efforts in the US Hispanic Market, because they have the general market assignment. Wow! What a story! ….. This is  Chicken Shit or in ‘el monte’ where I came from  – – Mierda de Gallina! Keep in mind, I stated assigned vs. earned.  Do my colleagues know the difference? I will take a different tact. What does BSSP know about the US Hispanic Market, our Consumers and ‘El Insight de la Tribu’ to create a creative approach that sells products to US Hispanic Consumers? ¡Probablemente nada! Unless they associate themselves with a creative director and a account planning team that understand the US Hispanic Market Consumer. It is all about INSIGHTS. Give me a call, I have a fabulous Roledex of Account Planners & Creative Directors that know how to sell PRODUCTOS to Latinos/Hispanos (choose your jargon to be political correct). Tell me who BSSP associates themselves with for ‘Insights de la Tribu’ and I will tell you how effective they are at moving product. We will have to wait to see who they choose to create ROI from insights that will produce impactful creative that generates $$$$. To El Loco del Pollo Loco, Consumers might NOT be Loco over your Pollo! Call me. Gene Bryan CEO / HispanicAd.com

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