I have high hopes for the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies.

    I have been very lucky in my career in the US Hispanic Market and have been blessed with excellent industry friends & competitors alike and a unique and a profitable business that offers me access to clients, marketers and media companies.  This includes the opportunity to work with Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies over the years and including their annual conference which begins today in Miami and the inspiration for this post.

I have had the opportunity to work with all of the Presidents of the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) to date.

It has not been easy for them to deal with me and likewise, they have not been easy to deal with when the issue at hand is the promotion of the US Hispanic advertising, marketing, media, public relations and research industries.

We both have our lists of success and failures.

The reasons for the growth of mainstream organizations taking on the US Hispanic Market theme at their growing conferences, the rapid adaptation of the use of Multicultural Marketing or the Multicultural Bucket and the many voices calling out the demise of our Hispanic Ad Agency & Media Industry is a byproduct of years of being reactive and not proactive.

Maybe, it’s the silence of The Voice of our Industry.

My intention is not to single out specific leaders of AHAA for the lack of continuity of message; the lack of longevity of unified annual initiatives to help our industry; or even the overall lack of excitement for our future at the expense of their individual pet initiates.

My intent is to create discussion even if you do not approve of my voice, style or platform.

I have high hopes for AHAA and our Industry.

  • I believe we can own the conversation of language, culture and media effectiveness to reach ALL US Hispanics and how it impacts marketing to America.
  • I believe we will hit $10 Billion in ad expenditures soon.
  • I believe the US Hispanic Advertising Industry needs to join forces with the US Hispanic Public Relations Industry and forge partnerships with the social and mobile associations to create critical mass.
  • I believe that there is much more growth ahead for our Industry.
  • I believe that the entrepreneurial spirits amongst our ad agency, marketing and media executives in our Industry is going to grow exponentially.
  • I believe we can help promote Hispanic Role Models, Hispanic teachers and the pursuit of a High School & College Education amongst our Consumers.
  • I believe we can create an industry talent initiative and scholarship program for our Industry, along with a mentorship program that guides the executives that will help us understand, promote & sell the 2020 Census and offers talent for future Board of Directors for AHAA and many other organizations.
  • I believe we can help promote a Healthier Consumer and help fight AIDS and other debilitating/deadly diseases amongst our Consumers through our public service initiatives.
  • I believe there is much to be done in our Industry.
  • I believe AHAA must honor its past history and its pioneers for future generations of executives, many have yet to be recognized.
  • I believe AHAA must become more inclusive and add other non-agency voices to the Board of Directors to help steer the organization for the remainder of this decade to maximize the opportunities ahead.  AHAA’s performance is not be optional for the organization, its members or the Industry.
  • I believe AHAA can represent to our Industry more than just an Annual Conference, members look for insight but expect leadership and growth.

We need a new compass that works for ALL of us and puts the organization back on track.

What we all need now is LEADERSHIP.

AHAA, if you do not take it someone else will.

AHAA are  you up to the task?

Readers, what are your hopes for AHAA?

Gene Bryan

Fortes in Fide.

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