Imagine an Industry without Spanish-language TV, Radio and Newspapers.

  Just like the movie ‘A Day without a Mexican’ that famously presented the impact the Mexicans have on the economy of California, now imagine based on the wishes of some executives in our industry that would like to see Spanish-Language media die a miserable death.

Why such a dramatic presentation of the issue?

It seems some executives are presenting their ‘Spanish is Dying’ pitch that does not complement the current strategy Hispanic-focused agencies and media are using to grow the business and garner our well-deserved share from mainstream media entities.

Just thinking out loud here, there has to be a good number of English-dominant and bilinguals that watch, read or listen to Spanish-Language media, since it is about cultural needs not only language preferences that motivates watching, reading or listening.

Maybe the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies should own the guidelines for presenting a cohesive strategy for reaching all US Hispanics or maybe another organization will own this pitch that successfully presents the actual scope, options and strategies to efficiently and effectively reach all US Hispanics.

The reasons for this are $6.5 Billion in ad expenditures and growing.

So as a US Hispanic advertising, marketing and media executive can you imagine an Industry without Spanish-language TV, Radio and Newspapers?

Gene Bryan
CEO / / / /

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